Everyone’s proverbial pair of shoes

Empathy. It’s one of those things you have to work at; not everyone has it. And even those who have it do not always have it for everyone – not particularly by choice, but mostly because really isn’t easy to understand what you’ve never gone through or experienced. Writing fiction, I need to have empathy […]

Thou shalt not be repelled

I wrote 5,000 words in six days. And on the seventh day, I tossed them in the bin. My first thought? What a waste. But is anything really wasted in the process of writing and rewriting? Or even in the context of life? So now I’m in the middle of writing another 5,000 words to replace […]

What you-had-to-be-there jokes tell us about good writing

We’ve all had that really funny experience that is never funny when we try to tell it to other people. “You had to be there,” we say as an excuse for our lack of eloquence. But it’s not our fault, is it? There are simply some very hilarious moments that are only hilarious if we […]

How cunning parents use bedtime stories and why I write fiction

bedtime stories

I’m not a parent — no, not yet — but like everyone else, I was once a kid, so let’s dive into this with you knowing that I’m coming at it from the perspective of a child. My mother’s stories I used to be one of those children who always asked for books before bed. […]

A writer with writer’s cramp

writer's cramp

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with writer’s cramp. It’s a rare form of focal dystonia, which means that my arm muscles immediately clench for no reason, and only when I write. I’ve had it for a while, around ten years or so, but I didn’t think there was anything clinically wrong with me […]