Limiting freedom

There’s a reason why prison is considered punishment: freedom is essential to living. Even if we only ever do 10% of all the possible things to do in this world, just knowing that we can do the other 90% if and when we want to is enough. I’m not talking about breaking the law or […]

When I grow up, I want to be…

Majority of people are fortunate enough to know what they are passionate about at the very early stage of, say, childhood. It may be painting or singing or poetry or, at the other end of the spectrum, being an accountant or a nurse or an engineer. For those of us who have passions on both […]

If you had to fit your life in 40kg

… what would you find in your luggage? That’s what I had to do at the start of November when I began packing for my big move to an entirely different world.  I can’t say how many times I had to open and unpack and weigh and unpack and weigh and open and weigh my […]

I’ve moved

Two weeks ago, I moved to the UK. Can you believe it? Some days I still can’t.  While the rest of my family are sulking and crying over my absence – or so I like to think – I’m finally here, after decades of dreaming.  One thing I’ve learned – and this’ll be quick – […]

The questions we live with

I sat on the plane last night thinking about how we all have to live with our own share of unanswered questions. Whether it’s “Who ate my sandwich?” or “Who are my real parents?” we each have to live with one mystery or another. Even the creation of the universe remains a mystery too complex […]