When I was four and started school
My teacher made me cry
And from then on, to teachers all,
I’ll hate you till I die.
When I was eight and Daddy left
He broke my little heart
And from then on, to fathers all,
Do from my sight depart.
Then I turned twelve and my best friend
In time betrayed my trust
So then all friends could do no more
Than kindle my disgust.
Sixteen and young and beautiful,
My sweetheart’s love grew dim
I told myself I’d hate all lads
I found resembled him.
I turned eighteen and free at last
To marry whom I choose
He changed his mind, his vows declined –
All men deserved the noose!
Here lie ten thousand lines which I’ve
Decided to erase
In short, when I turned forty-five
I’d shunned the human race.
Some people call it prejudice
And others call it hate,
But all I did was hide away
When I became the bait.