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The Language of AngelsThe messenger is not the message.

Working as a nurse at the local hospital and learning martial arts in her spare time, Grace carries on with a routine where everything is as good as can be expected. But a sudden grief takes over when her family is compelled to immigrate to the United States on a long-standing petition they all thought would never come.

In an instant, her childhood fear of death and separation resurface as she considers the possibility that she might never see her family again—an anxiety which is aggravated by her mother’s poor health and the imminent revelation of a dark secret involving her father. This temporary separation, however, finds comfort in the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ, whom she learns about from a group of unlikely friends.

As human reality dawns, can Grace handle the blow of a cold, hard truth that will inevitably shake the very foundations of her new-found Christian faith?

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Sewing FigsHow do we get to heaven? It’s the question everybody wants answered.

Follow the story of a woman who goes from one loophole to another, trying to figure out how to guarantee a ticket to Paradise – only to discover that she had been wasting her years in methods that weren’t ever going to get her there.

Written in traditional verse, Sewing Figs is an honest plunge into every person’s struggle for redemption and the overarching love and grace of a Creator who completed the job himself.


All the LinesI write the poems I want to read.

This volume contains thirty-eight poems on life and love, friendship and betrayal, chasing dreams, and the struggle to rise above pain. Each work engages the reader with new perspectives, comical irony, and a consistent thread of honesty so that they ring true for anyone who has a taste for literature.

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pastoral ministryWhat does the Bible say in matters of the church?

As evidenced by the number of different Christian denominations in today’s society, it is very difficult to acquire one coherent and universal understanding of what pastoral ministry is and ought to be. People can have quite a difference in opinion when it comes to matters of the church, in spite of the fact that they are prepared and shaped in the same tradition. It is important to note that Scripture, not personal opinion, has the final say on the essential cornerstones of pastoral ministry.

This brief and concise report is one I completed in my first year of Theology.

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