If you had to fit your life in 40kg

… what would you find in your luggage?

That’s what I had to do at the start of November when I began packing for my big move to an entirely different world. 

I can’t say how many times I had to open and unpack and weigh and unpack and weigh and open and weigh my luggage, but I can say it was plenty enough to hurt. I always ended up having to leave more and more things behind, things that I packed not for their practical usefulness but for their sentimental value: mugs my mother and sister sent me, keychains, souvenirs… you’ll be amazed at how many “useless” things summarized my life.

After the umpteenth attempt, I still exceeded the 40kg limit by 1 or 2kgs. And as I had unloaded everything else I could probably live without, I could either:

  1. Leave my books, or
  2. Leave my clothes.

Well I can tell you my new closet is not very impressed.

If you ever need to find out what things really matter, your local airline is always happy to help.