Available Now: The Language of Angels (a novel)

The Language of Angels

I’The Language of Angelsm happy to announce that after eight months of writing and another eight months of everything else involved in the creation of a book, my new novel is finally live!

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Grace lives a fairly normal life with her mother and sister in a peaceful suburban village in the Philippines. Working as a nurse at the local hospital and learning martial arts in her spare time, she carries on with a routine where everything is as good as can be expected. But a sudden grief takes over when her family is compelled to immigrate to the United States on a long-standing petition they all thought would never come.

In an instant, Grace’s childhood fear of death and separation resurface as she considers the possibility that she might never see her family again—an anxiety which is aggravated by her mother’s poor health and the imminent revelation of a dark secret involving her father. This temporary separation, however, finds comfort in the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ, whom she learns about from a group of unlikely friends.

As human reality dawns, can Grace handle the blow of a cold, hard truth that will inevitably shake the very foundations of her newfound Christian faith?

Sound familiar?

Well, if it’s true what they say about every author’s first novel as being partly autobiographical, then originality is not my strong suit.